At the heart of it all, I’m a curious adventurer.  Some of my favorite things include (in no particular order):  postal mail (Who doesn’t love receiving a letter/postcard/card in the mail?  It’s the best.), college basketball (Go Big Blue! & Hook ’em!), bourbon (we’ll be fast friends if you can recommend a new cocktail or new bourbon), baking (I used to want to open up my own bakery), cooking with Jim (I make a fantastic sous chef & he makes the best of almost everything), movies (I’ve rated over 2k on Netflix…some might even call me a cineast), reading (it’s taken a backseat the last few years, but I LOVE the escape of a good book), exploring/traveling (new food, new culture, interesting people…yes, please), talking to strangers on planes (I seem to do this less now), a good foot rub (I’m human), and ice-cream/chocolate (I never turn it down).

My husband and I moved to Toulouse from San Francisco, CA in April of 2016.  This blog will detail our adventures (large & small).  We look forward to sharing them with you!