Bonjour, Toulouse!

After four wonderful years in San Francisco, Jim and I packed up our bags and boarded a flight to Toulouse, France, where we’ll be living for 2-3 years.

We’ve now been here about a month.  That means we’ve overcome the jet-lag, assembled all the furniture, re-purchased all our appliances with plugs, received our air shipment from San Francisco (hooray!), and ultimately begun to settle into our new lives as expats.

We’re just beginning to explore the city and are starting to plan our trips for 2016.  We’re hoping to explore all over France this summer (and are excited we already have two friends who will be here in June/July), but outside of France are hoping to hit Scandinavia, Berlin, London (wanted to do Wimbledon, but MAN it’s expensive.  Any tips from anyone regarding tickets – we’re ALL ears), Paris (we’re thinking for our anniversary), Rome, Barcelona/Madrid, Amsterdam, and the rest we’ll figure out as the year progresses.

Any tips/recommendations on places to travel, times to travel, hotels to stay in, restaurants to try (or those that need to be booked WELL in advance)…let me know, as I’m in prime planning mode right now.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. becca812b says:

    My recommendation is Berlin. Maybe my favorite city!


    1. closesat7 says:

      Tell me more! What should we see/do? Also, you did Scandinavia didn’t you? Took some ferries? I’m trying for a week to 2 weeks in August in Scandinavia…


  2. Rose says:

    You must tour the fjords in Norway, amazing!!


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