I bought a jar of this deliciousness last Saturday, as I read something about it, and I swear someone had recommended it to me when we still lived in the US.  I’ve now eaten it on toast (very tasty cereal grain toast, at that) every day since as either a snack or quick breakfast.

What is it?  Well, it’s a “cookie butter.”  That sounds entirely unhealthy, I know.  Maybe it is.  But my tastebuds don’t care.  It’s a little spicy like gingersnaps, but creamy like peanut butter.  Perfectly spreadable and oh so yummy.

When I saw the jar, I thought the Lotus logo looked a little familiar.  I also thought the smell seemed a bit familiar.  Then I said to Jim, “It sorta tastes like those cookies you get on Delta Airlines flights.”

Dear friends, it tastes that way because that’s what it is.  It’s cookie butter made from those delicious little cookies they give you on Delta Airlines flights (Biscoff).  I did a little googling, and apparently Biscoff is made by the Lotus company here in France.

You’re welcome & happy hunting/eating.  I think they sell it in the US, and I highly recommend it.

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